Testing Stockfish Development Versions

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Testing Stockfish Development Versions

Beitrag von Wolfgang am Mi Jul 27, 2016 8:37 pm

Hi all, Very Happy

Gerhard and me decided to test SF Dev. versions from time to time in order to have a more actual status about the fight for
No. 1. Furthermore - from my point of view - it is not sufficient/correct to have a six-month-old Stockfish version from January (7.0) as "actual" in our list while on the other hand we test nearly every Komodo (actually 10.1 from July, which is really actual!) as soon as it arrives...

Taking into consideration that this theme is a bit controversial we make the following

- test is limited to our 40/4-list with 1CPU (!!) only. No tests with 2,4,8 or 12 CPU!!
- we only test a SF-Dev. when a new version of Komodo comes out and this version is tested @CEGT
- we take a SF-Dev. from abrok.eu/stockfish from same date as the Komodo.exe if possible. If not we take the nearest one.
- as soon as a new SF-Dev. is tested, the "old" one will be completely deleted including the games and replaced by the new one

The aim is to make every test under same conditions.

- same PC (Intel i7-4770 @ 3,4GHZ). I have no plans to change this machine for at least 2 years!
- same time control (40 moves / 3 minutes repeated)
- same testsuite (slightly modified suite by Heinz van Kempen, 8 full moves. I had to replace two positions as they were doubles)
- 2000 games vs. 10 opponents => 200 games each match
- same opponents for each test, except there is a new version of any of the opponents
- Shredder Classic GUI

Any idea/comment is welcome... Smile



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